Honey Rock End Time Foundation

The Holy Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, contains information about what Christians refer to as the "Rapture". This will be an event where believers are "snatched away" by the Lord Jesus Christ. The result will be a sudden disappearance of millions of people without any physical bodies being left. The Bible says this could happen at any time.

At Honeyrock Endtime Foundation, we ask the question "what will happen to my estate after I am gone?". Why leave the money that you have been blessed with to just anyone to take?

Honeyrock Endtime Foundation believes that there is a better answer. If you should "disappear"in the manner described above, you could appoint Honeyrock Endtime Foundation (through its authorized representative) to act as a special agent and attorney in Fact to administer your estate according to the amount you have designated in the codicil provided.

All funds will be transferred from Honeyrock to a designated orthodox Jewish 501c3 foundation that will benefit the remnant Jews.





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